Frequently Asked Questions

What's this all about?
Once upon a time, Blake Carver started a little website called LISNews. LISNews outgrew its original home and needed a new one so we moved it to a big, bad, and fast dedicated server at the RackShack data center in Texas. Rather than try to sell ads or a major organ, Blake decided to share the cost of the new server with others... and LISHost was born. Since then, we've added additional servers to the original. 

Who runs the show?
Most things are handled by Blake Carver. Depending on the what needs to get done, he might occasionally bring in outside help. If that happens for your project, he'll let you know. 

Tell me more about the LISHost servers...
We currently have several VPSs, a couple of cloud-based servers, and 3 dedicated servers, mostly at SoftLayer in TX.

How long will you be around?
A long time, probably. We have no plans to close up shop in the near future. If anything happens to change that, we'll do our best to give our clients as much lead time as possible.

So what's it cost?
Not much, and you get way more than you would from other places. Less than $15 a month gets you what you need to host your domain(s).

What do I get for my money?
All the space, all the bandwidth it takes to keep things going for you. That being said, we reserve the right to put limits on things if someone starts being a hog.

What else can you do for me?
You name it, we can do it. Database design and programming, graphic design, custom web programming... we can do it all.

How do I get in touch with someone?
You can use the Contact Form, or email

What about backups?
We do backups nightly, BUT you should also do your own backups. Better safe than sorry.